The Data-Driven Classroom: Using Google Forms to Collect and Analyze Data

CA Business Education Leadership Project Summer Training Summit
June 15, 2010
Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

Welcome Activity

What sort of data do you need that the state and district do not provide?
How do you collect, analyze, and use that data?
How do you share that data?

If you haven't already, create a Google Account here (using your existing email) or create a Gmail Account here (if you'd also like to use Google's email system). All Gmail Accounts are Google Accounts, but not all Google Accounts are Gmail Accounts. ;)

What are Google Docs Forms?

Your best answer?
Google Docs Homepage
Google Forms Help Page
Google Docs for Educators
Docs Templates for Students and Teachers
Don't miss the fantastic templates provided by Todd Roth.

Interactive Overview (with Links to Help Pages):


Activity 1: Who are we?

Complete this demo survey.
View the results.
Demonstration: Create and publish a chart.
Demonstration: Self Grading Quiz (Your answer to the last question on the survey will be graded!)

Activity 2: How can Google Forms be used at you site or in your program?

In a small group, create a form for collecting data. Examples include:
  • A Teacher (or Student) Observation Form
  • A WASC Data Collection Form
  • An Awards Nomination Form
  • A Professional Development Evaluation
  • A Staff or Community Survey
  • A PLC Team Meeting Form
    • Attendance
    • Team Smart Goal
    • Strategies and Action Steps
    • Responsibilities
    • Timeline
    • Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Advanced: A Self-Grading Quiz (See Below)

Mock up a "proof-of-concept" to illustrate something you might actually implement.
Send the "live form" link to colleagues so they can fill out your form.
Share the results with colleagues or publish them as a web page.
Optional: Create (and publish) charts of the results.
Add the lead learner as a collaborator.
One member of each small group will present the form to the large group.

Activity 3: Create a self-grading quiz! (Time permitting)

In a small group, create a three question quiz using a Google Form.
Solicit sample answers from other participants.
Create an IF formula for each question to "grade" the question. (Each IF formula needs to be in a new column.)
Fill Down so that the IF formulas you've written can "grade" all the responses at once!
Advanced: Create a SUM formula to total up the total score for each person that took the quiz. Then create another formula to calculate the percentage. Finally, create a nested IF formula to convert the percentages to letter grades!
Time Permitting: Share your quiz with the lead learner. Links to the quizes will be added below.

BONUS Demonstration: Using Google Docs and Forms on a Mobile Device

Accessing your Google Docs on a Mobile Device
Completing a Google Form on a Mobile Device

Reflection and Evaluation

How will you use what you have learned to collect and analyze critical data that you are not receiving elsewhere?
Who will you share this with when you return to work?

Online Evaluation

More Sample Uses of Google Docs Forms (for Administrators)

Sample Forms (and Spreadsheets) Used By Administrators:
Resources for Administrators Using Google Forms (from GCT Jason Borgen at
Additional GCT Resources for Administrators:
Even More Ideas...

More Resources

Resources for Administrators Using Google Forms (from GCT Jason Borgen at

An 8-minute tutorial on Google Forms for administrators
A template that principals can use to gather data on mastery of the NETS for teachers -- it automatically aggregates the data for them.
A Google Spreadsheet template which principals can share with their teachers for paperless lesson plan collection (includes tutorial).
Additional GCT Resources for Administrators:

A Sample Teacher Observation Form (Click on the "entry" tab.) - From GCT Kern Kelley
Staff Book of The Month Club Using Google Docs - From GCT Melanie Holtsman's Principal
A Blog Post About Using Forms For A Mid-Year Principals' Survey - From GCT Melanie Holtsman's Principal

Tip: Make Google Docs More Secure

Http is an insecure protocol. Https is secure. Be sure to always use https when accessing Google Docs on a public network (or any network for additional security).

Method 1 - Simply type an "s" at the end of "http" when you connect to Google Docs to force a secure connection. You can then bookmark for future secure access.

Method 2 - For users of Gmail, go to Settings, look for Browser Connection, and select "Always use https" - then always launch Docs from the link at the top of the Gmail page. This will force Docs to open using https as well.

Method 3 - For administrators of a Google Apps: Education Edition domain, you can require all users in the domain to use https by Enabling SSL for your domain.